Young Tailor Of The Year

Ethan Sweet – listen out for that name. (That’s him above in the pic.)

In fact you can do just that on BBC Three TV tomorrow night at 8 o’clock.


Ethan features on the BBC programe Young Tailor Of the Year. Here’s what the BBC has to say about the programme:


“The show that searches for the best in young hardworking British talent is back.

It’s the turn of the young tailors to sharpen their scissors, get out the needle and thread and try and prove they are the finest in their field. Hundreds applied to be on the series, but only four made it through to the tension-filled final.

Judging them are two of the country’s most established and renowned tailors – Richard Anderson and Mark Powell. Between them they have more than fifty years experience in the trade and have clothed some of the most fashionable names in the world, including George Clooney, Katherine Hepburn, Kate Moss and David Bowie. But who will they crown Young Tailor of the Year?”


Those of you Horneteers who have come to visit us here in Kensington over the past few weekends will already have met Ethan – he’s the newest member of the Hornets Boys and provides invaluable service every Saturday.

He knows a great deal about suits. In fact we’d go so far to say that he is obsessed with them – in the best possible way, of course

And the bit about being “hardworking British talent” applies to our Ethan in spades. Given that he works here at Hornets at the weekend, and as a tailor the other six days, that means that the fellow works seven days a week. He’s old school, our Ethan.


I tell you he is obsessed with tailoring.


For more on Young Tailor Of The Year see the BBC Website.


Watch Young Tailor Of The Year programme tomorrow night (5th Feb) at 8.00p.m on BBC3

(The episode also airs on Monday 6th Feb at 01.25 and on Wednesday 8th Feb at 03.25)


(And where did Ethan get that hat? Well click HERE to find out.)

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