Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Baby, it’s cold outside.

You don’t mind if we call you baby, do you? We’re all friends here. Jolly good.


Yes, baby it’s cold outside (just see our picture above) so you will need…

A nice warm hat…

Did you know that you you lose 45% of all your body heat out through the top of your head? Did you hear that one? It’s not actually true, of course. It’s a persistent myth that dates back to some U.S military research of the 1950s. But it certainly seems to have caught the public imagination. A bit like the advertising slogan “Guinness Is Good For You.”

But you should still have a hat regardless. They’re stylish. And the really do keep you warm. (And you should also have the odd pint of Guinness, too.)

Oh, and a scarf


And some good warm socks


And while it’s so cold you should also stay in tonight at watch our Ethan on the Young Tailor Of The Year on BBC Three TV at 8.00p.m on BBC3.

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop



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