The Buzz 06:02:12

The Hornet’s regular round-up of style news stories from around the globe.

The big Buzz here at Hornets is, of course, the appearance of our very own Ethan Sweet on the BBC’s Young Tailor Of The Year programme last night (see earlier post)…

You can catch up with the show on BBCiPlayer by clicking HERE (or clicking the pic above).

The Guv’nor always says, when the going gets tough… get your good suit on. When times are hard, looking smart puts you ahead of the game. Well we’ve found a like-minded tailor in this news story from New York City…

“Mohan Ramchandani is a well-known tailor who sells custom-made suits for the likes of Rudy Guiliani.  Now, he’s giving 17 suits away to unemployed men so they can go on job interviews…”

Read the full story at the CBS New York website HERE.

Clothes On Film is one of our favourite blogs, with consistently good, serious articles on the way people dress in the movies. This week they’ve got a great piece on the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris

“Owen Wilson’s Gil is obviously intended to resemble Woody Allen during his late 1970s heyday, wearing natural waist trousers with brown leather belt, casual shirts and either two or three button tweed jackets, all in earth tones. If there was ever any doubt Allen is continuing an acting career through his leading men, this confirms it.”

The full story (and many others) can be found at

In Brief…

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