50 Years Of James Bond Style 001

It’s a busy year, 2012: anniversaries and celebrations aplenty.

From a style point of view we’re particularly interested in the 50th Anniversary of James Bond as a movie franchise.

Bond is often held up as a British style icon. Yet when we turn back to the pages of Ian Fleming’s original novels, we find precious few clues as to Bond’s taste in suits, shirts and accessories. Perhaps Fleming found it all rather vulgar to indulge in such blatant “product placement” as we would call it in the 21st Century. Changed days.

Our mission is to piece together the clues left by Fleming, and add them to the more detailed production notes from the films from 1962 to the present day and thus compile a dossier on that most elusive of style icons.



No. 001: Luggage


“Q Branch had put together this smart-looking little bag, ripping out the careful handiwork of Swaine and Adeney to pack 50 rounds of .25 ammunition, in two flat rows, between the leather and the line of the spine.”

From Russia With Love



Swaine Adeney Brigg (as it is now known) has a pedigree dating back to 1750. This celebrated maker of leather and equestrian goods is based in St James’s. Their other claim to movie fame is that they made the original hat as worn by Harrison Ford in Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.



Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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