This Is Hornets Broadcasting On The BBC

“It’s a funny thing,” The Guv’nor mused last Sunday night after watching Young Tailor Of the Year with Hornets’ own Ethan Sweet, “but this week we’ll have both the oldest and the youngest member of The Company on the BBC.”

And it’s true enough. On Sunday it was Ethan (click his pic below to watch him on BBC iPlayer)…

 …and last night The Guv’nor enlivened the proceedings on the BBC’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, the TV antiques show where experts compete to buy and then sell-on collectible goods to see if they can make a make a profit.


“I don’t sell fashion,” The Guv’nor informed the lively and knowledgeable James “Bingo” Braxton, “I sell style.”


Quite so.


You can watch the episode HERE.


So that’s The Oldest and The Youngest taken care of. It’s surely only a matter of time before fame comes a-calling for The Prettiest of The Hornet Boys: me, of course, The Man From The Hornet.


The Guv’nor interjects: “Right that’s it. You really ARE fired this time.”

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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