Presidential Style No.2

In this U.S Election year, The Hornet is making time to look at Presidential style…

No.2. John F. Kennedy

More ink has been spilled analyzing the brief presidency of John F. Kennedy than any other Commander-in-Chief. His health, his sex life, his status as a war hero, his sex life, his privileged background, his sex life, his glamorous wife, his sex life, his assassination and his sex life have all come under the microscope. Did we mention his sex life?

Some folks have even written about his politics.

His personal style still holds a fascination for many – including your current correspondent – which means that we’ll be coming back to him a few more times over the course of this election year.

His suits, however, once caused him a problem. Having weathered the storm of going without a hat in public – much to the distaste of the Hat Makers’ Guild of America (more of that anon) – his suits then became controversial when it was revealed that he was an habitué of Savile Row, London, England.

Now it was bad enough that he was seen to be damaging American hat sales by going bareheaded. But buying foreign suits was tantamount to Un-American activity. Soon after his election, Kennedy stopped shopping at The Row.

But he held firm on the no hats policy.

NEXT TIME: Hail To The Tailor

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