The Thursday Ad

Whatever became of Silvifix? Sounds like good gear: “Controls the hair without gumming”.

We often find ourselves smiling affectionately in this slot, having a gentle chuckle at the mores of a bygone age.

Not today.

The ad dates from 1949, but the ad copy holds a truth that remains valid: “a touch is all you need”.

Steady on at the back, there.

What they mean is a small amount, a soupcon, the merest hint of the stuff will do the trick. When applying what the ladies like to call “product” to any part of the body, a gentleman would be well advised to heed this simple rule across the board. Don’t Splash It All Over, ‘Enry*. A little goes a long way.

* “Splash It All Over, ‘Enry”? For anyone under the age of 30, we’ll come back another day and explain what the hell we’re talking about.

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