Mad Men Is Back

It’s back! Mad Men Season 5 is airing in the U.S in just under a week’s time, and the folks at AMCTV are working overtime on their website to whet our appetites.

Their latest is a 14-picture special featuring the principal characters from the show.


As the narrative heads into 1966, the costumes are evolving accordingly. Don seems to have abandoned his hat altogether, and his shirt collars seem to be deeper than of late in a nod toward the times. But his suits remain subtle and plain and conformist – a man with a past such as Don Draper doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself.

Pete Campbell’s ’66 look veers nervously toward that same conformity, but is somehow reluctant to give up the little modish flourishes of youth (dandyish piping around his lapels, for example). The certainties of Pete’s Ivy League education and his sure sense of the first principles of business are being challenged by his new status as a father, his approaching 30, his seemingly slow progress up the career ladder and the uneasy escalation of the war in Vietnam. This is all reflected in his look.

Roger Sterling, on the other hand, looks nothing less than invincible (below)…

…the epitome of post-war American style. His ’66 look says: “Sure, there’s a war in Vietnam, but we will win. That’s what we do. We win wars. I hold this truth to be self evident having been at the sharp end when we won the last war in the Pacific. Gimme another vodka stinger and dry your eyes.”


It is a great look.


As is Lane Pryce’s (Jared Harris, pictured below)…

… Savile Row suit combined with “fancy” waistcoat. That the great Sir Hardy Aimes was so disparaging of colourful waistcoats (vests) tells us that Lane is also a character at war with himself. He’d like to dive into this new world full of promise, but remains just too stuffy to do more than dip a tentative toe.

As the financial director of the company he is there to rein in the excesses of the business – but as the lone Englishman he is totemic of the receding British Empire and the new Superpower represented by Roger Sterling resents being told how to spend his cash by any Hanoverian. Shades of 1776 and all that. Indeed the flashes of colour in Lane’s waistcoats also have the subliminal effect of calling to mind the Redcoats (The British are coming!). And just like the redcoats his dandy look masks a steely ruthlessness.


It’s all there. The cleverest, the most stylish, the best show on TV is back.


Click the pics to visit AMCTV’s website or follow the link HERE.

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