The Barfly On St Patrick’s Day

Our resident drinks columnist turns his dipsomaniacal attentions to…


Black Velvet


It’s St Patrick’s Day –  and Guinness is the new black. And if you want to jazz up your Guinness experience, try a Black Velvet.


Take one bottle of Guinness Original. Pour it into a Collins glass. Top it up with Champagne.


The black velvet was invented in 1861 upon the death of Prince Albert – right here in London at Brooks’s club in St James’s.


One variation has the Collins replaced with a champagne flute – but for me this means less Guinness and therefore less fun.


The fizz and the stout with react together with great volatility so add the champagne slowly and over the back of a spoon.


Repeat the process until you feel sufficiently Irish. Happy St Patrick’s Day!



Bill Hornets adds: We were expecting this post from The Barfly first thing this morning. But he arrived a little late today with a grunt of “Mornin’ all” – it was 3.00pm, but we’re not one to quibble when he’s in “morning after mode”. He seems to have perked up a little after a couple of Black Velvets and was last seen heading off toward Soho clutching the bottle of The Widow that he’d been using to top up his Guinness. We learned long ago not to ask where he was off to or what he’d been up to last night. All we have to do now is tidy up the Guinness bottles he’s left rolling around in The Old Flower shop here in Church Walk (he’d seconded it as his “cocktail laboratory” for the afternoon).


Happy St Patrick’s Day to one and all!

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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