Hornets News: Hornets Hire

Hornets Hire policy is to have extraordinary garments that are difficult to source elsewhere.

A few examples include David Niven’s beautifully cut and made tail coat (white tie)… the 5th Marquis of Bath’s fur trimmed overcoat… The Austro/Hungarian Empire’s  Ambassador’s court coat c1911… A 1910 leather motoring coat and many other remarkable pieces.

We will be putting examples onlinebut do bear in mind that every piece from our extensive stock is also available for hire.

We are not a big hire firm, you won’t get lost in some cavernous warehouse on the Acton Trading Estate and come away bamboozled with arms full of “the next best thing” to what you were actually looking for. We hire originality, the kind of pieces you cannot get anywhere else.

If you are doing a film or a shoot come and see us, we are very easy to work with.

We now have the facility to pay your holding deposit online.

To arrange a hire or to book an appointment call us on 020 7937 9192.


Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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