Harry Hornet on Hornets Hire

Young Harry is one of our favourite customers. He flashes through trailing an infectious sense of fun and exuberance. And from time to time we find the energy to keep up with him and capture a few of his words for The Hornet. He swung by this weekend…

Hi. Harry here.

Things are getting quite exciting down here on The Walk*

Work on the new shop is underway – the old flower shop is to be a new Hornets.

It’s funny. The Guv’nor and the chaps still call it The Old Flower Shop, even though it’s going to be Hornets #3. It’s been a flower shop since the 1920’s.

I was nosing around in there the other day as I swung by between appointments.

And I unearthed a fabulous 1950s Harris Tweed kilt jacket. Outstanding. That’s it in the picture.

The Guv’nor is putting on the new hire department. I did ask him – but he says it’s not for sale. “Where else are you going to see a piece like this?” he quite rightly observed.

He said something else about Harris Tweed and the orb and all that, but to be honest I was miles away**. I was thinking: what a jacket. It’d look great on my girl. With a mini kilt. Wow.

Anyway, got to go. Off to Scotland. My family on my mother’s side are having a BIG birthday party. Beautiful estate. I used to get lost on it when I was a kid.

Maybe The Guv’nor would let me borrow the jacket. I don’t suppose he’s got a mini kilt in stock. Oh well. Never mind the kilt. I’m sure we’ll think of… something.


(*Harry always refers to Kensington Church Walk as The Walk, in the manner that Savile Row is, to the congnoscenti, always simply The Row.)

(** Read our earlier piece on Harris Tweed HERE.)



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