Hiring (And Firing)

The Guv’nor‘s associate Wallace, in his new capacity as Head of Hornets Hire, writes…


And so Au Revoir Nicolas Sarkozy. A political career cut short.


As a souvenir of his tenure we are proud to present his ceremonial jacket, which he wore to dinner at Mansion House in The City (pictured above). It measures 20 inches from…


The Guv’nor interjects: Stop! Enough!

I knew it was a bad idea to put Wallace, my most bothersome associate in charge of the Hire Dept.


The piece in our picture – with apologies to M Sarkozy and my very best wishes for his future – is actually a rather special little military jacket from France obviously made for the son of a serving professional soldier. It has lovely buttons, very detailed. Indeed the detail, and the sheer weight of this little piece suggest much more than simply a playsuit for a child’s dressing up box – as does the label. It is by H&A Mathieu of Paris.

The chest measures 20 inches.

From collar to tail it is also 20 inches, with 13 inch sleeves.


This fun piece is entirely representative of what Hornets Hire Department is all about. Quality with a quirk. We’re not a big hire firm with some vast hanger on the Acton Trading Estate. But we bring the proven virtues of our retail business – style and attention to detail – to the world of hire.


That is all.


Wallace. You’re fired. Again.




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Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue 


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