Blue Is The Colour

Bill Hornets here, wishing Chelsea all the very best of British luck in the Champions League Final this Saturday.

I went to my first football match just a couple of weekends ago.

I was the guest of a friend who works with a powerful international company that have a box and two seats at Chelsea, our local team.

Chelsea were hosting Queen’s Park Rangers and I was massively impressed with the whole thing. Not just the spectacle of the Coliseum-like arena but the organization.

Security, charming young staff, a restaurant seating around 200, everything laid on – lovely meal, booze.

Then the game.

Walking through the arch out toward our seats, the greensward seeming to rise up to meet us, I felt like a Roman Emperor preparing to witness the gladiators. Very dramatic, the sounds, the sights, the colours.

Our lot bedecked in blue – yes, I’m already a convert so Chelsea, our local boys, are now “our lot” here at Hornets – their lot in red.

And the roar.

The thing that struck me: these guys, the players, are not entertainers – they don’t react, they don’t flinch from the crowd at all. Not like an actor who would ride the audience reaction. Their concentration, their focus is impressive and extreme.

Our seats were spectacular (as you can see form the pic)…

…and within 25 minutes Chelsea had scored four goals. Extraordinary.

My mate Dave, my Chelsea host, assures me that it doesn’t happen like this every week!

41,000 Chelsea fans roaring as one man. Impressive, rousing, great entertainment in itself.

Thanks to Dave for a great day out – it was like the traditional British Sunday lunch meets the Roman Coliseum! I may have drank a little too much, but Dave assures me that I behaved impeccably.

Indeed it may have been the wine – and the exhilarating Chelsea victory – that helped me turn a blind eye to a spectacle that would usually have me apoplectic:

Thousands upon thousands of men in BEANIE HATS.

The good company, the score and the wine all combined to allow me to turn a blind eye… just this once.

The blue shirt in our picture (above) isn’t, of course, a Chelsea F.C shirt, it’s one of a little collection of Voyage shirts that have just arrived here at Hornets. They’re available for sale now at Hornert Vintage the Online Shop.

Dave’s company’s core business is air freight. They also work with a brewery in the States, damned good beer, that’s avaiable in the UK

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue 


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