It makes us unhappy in the extreme to think that our great and wonderful clientele – our beloved Horneteers – should have to rub shoulders with the lower elements when shopping with us in Church Walk.


But it seems that last week, this was sadly the case.


An appeal, good and gentle Hornteers. Please keep your eyes peeled for this lovely jacket…


… which was stolen from our shop last week.


Descriptions and detailed pics have been circulated to the leading auction houses of our great country (indeed, we were indebted to the wonderful team at Christie’s for helping us value and source the garment in question a short while ago.)


It’s the Austro/Hungarian Empire’s Ambassador’s court coat c1911. And we’d very much like it back.

Sincere thanks


Bill Hornets

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue 



2 thoughts on “STOLEN

  1. Dear Mr Hornets and the team

    I hope I can speak for every single one of your loyal followers in expressing to you our great sympathy. This must be so very upsetting for you. I only hope that the blighter – whoevever it is – will be so overcome with remorse that this wonderful garment will be returned to you unharmed.

    I spent such a lovely morning today in the beautiful countryside of the Welsh border looking out over “the coloured counties” but this depressing news just received has cast a shadow over my afternoon.

    I hope that “The Barfly” may be able to offer a restorative – we all need one after reading this news.

    With kind best wishes to you all and looking forward to seeing you soon


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