Bill Hornets, Style Hawk



The Guv’nor’s overview of the Jubilee celebrations from a style point of view…


At the Jubilee service at St. Paul’s the Prime Minister looked as if he was at Ascot in a hired morning suit.

The coat, if it was made for him, is ill-fitting, the pants have concertina bottoms and aren’t cut high enough, and please Prime Minister not a grey waistcoat on such an occasion. In all, with the whole world watching, it was not good. Who is the PM’s stylist, who dresses him?!


He often walks past our shops, and says good morning. He should pop in, we’d fix him up.


His sartorial shortcomings were further exposed by the proximity of one of the best dressed men in the world: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.


Both of Prince Charles’s sons were equally well turned out.

HRH’s morning suit was perfect – what a cut! – and all three princes had black waistcoats, which was correct for the service.


The young princes suits fitted well, and their shirts and ties, like their father’s, were perfect. The younger princes are still growing in to the élan and pure style of their dad, but all three princes were “flying the flag” doing their job for English Tailoring.


Take note Prime Minister: you should be doing the same. I can hardly bring myself to mention the PM’s little sidekick in his lounge suit. That was… that was just… good God, I believe that words have actually failed me for the first time in my life. Best to let the offending suit speak for itself.


The Guv’nor.

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