The Wallace Column: The Jubilee

The Guv’nor‘s associate Wallace turns his attention to The Jubilee…



I am somewhat put out.


I was not asked to write the tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.


Though I thought The Guv’nor‘s piece was adequate (see last week’s Jubilee post), mine would have been superb. After all, in different time and circumstance I was really quite close to the Royal Family.


But enough of such matters… some bits of the past are best left in the past. No… I won’t be pressed, so stop asking me…


The four day Jubilee celebrations went outstandingly well, I enjoyed them a great deal, as did my man servant Allders. Being a native of these islands, he is very patriotic.


I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Her Majesty and wish a full recovery for the Duke.


I am.


Wallace of Bavaria.

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