Stamp of Quality #2

The Guv’nor writes…

“Well I must say that we’ve had a lovely response to our earlier post about the John Pearce and Granny Takes A Trip stamp…

(If you missed it, you can catch up with the earlier post HERE.)

Last time I saw John, a couple of months ago, he let it slip about the commemorative stamp, reminding me that the piece they had chosen was a jacket he’d designed for George Harrison, but asked me to keep it under my hat until the news was made public.

I’m glad it’s out now because I was dying to tell the world about this great honour. Now I know how it will feel when I find out about my knighthood and have to keep quiet about it!

Congratulations once more, John.

The rest of the collection isn’t too shabby either. Another great style name with a Beatles connection is Tommy Nutter, who is also given the (sadly posthumous) honour of appearing alongside Her Majesty on a stamp.

The Man From The Hornet wrote a piece on Tommy Nutter last year. You can read it again HERE.”

You can buy the full set of stamps at the Royal Mail website HERE.

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