Presidential Style No.4

In this U.S Election year, The Hornet is making time to look at Presidential style…

Josh Lyman: Crimes Against Style

Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff in the TV series The West Wing: we at The Hornet call for your impeachment!

The Constitution of the United States tells us that “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers” may be impeached and removed from office for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”.

Josh Lyman, as a civil officer of the United States in President Josiah Bartlett’s administration, committed a string of high crimes and misdemeanors – all of them sartorial.

The finer details of the haircut we’ll leave for another blog. We liken it to a weak football team: tidy up front, a complete nightmare at the back. A blue “do” indeed.

Then there’s the sports-casual gear. When off duty, Lyman’s look merits the type of language unfit for respectable gentleman’s reading matter. In fact the West Wing scenes where all the male characters donned civvies amount to nothing short of a holocaust for style.

All apart from Leo McGarry, of course, to whom we paid tribute earlier in this series.

So we’ll cut straight to Mr Lyman’s suits.

He’s a good shape, ol’ Josh. Long of leg, slim with broad shoulders. Great walk, too, slightly loping, with swagger as its rising sign. It’s Robert Mitchum’s imperious saunter scaled down for the 21st Century office environment. It’s the honed and studied walk of a man who expects to be looked at.

But when we do look, all we see is off-the-peg, standard-issue Hugo Boss. The hurried selection of a man with his mind on higher things? Or the obedient knee-jerk choice of a man lacking in imagination?

Not that he looks bad in such attire – with his shape, aforementioned, he could carry off even budget off-the-peg numbers better than most men.

But then we add in the backpack.

Mr Lyman’s principal sartorial crime is the backpack. Slung over one shoulder, not only will it one day play havoc with his sciatic nerve, but it will crease his suit beyond repair. It will rub the fabric through to a hole. It is a sartorial slovenliness of the same family as pockets lumpy and saggy with handfuls of loose change. And it makes him look like a seven-year-old.

It’s a bad look, gents.

Next time… Back in the West Wing with Sam Seaborne

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