The Barfly 4th of July Special

Our resident drinkies columnist The Barfly celebrates American Independence…


Happy Independence Day to our old pals in the U.S. On this day I am always reminded of the greatest 4th of July celebrations of all – when Steve McQueen, James Garner and Jud Taylor brew up some hooch for the guys in The Great Escape

It’s rough old stuff. The only PoW’s who can glug it down like water are, of course, the Scots…



The Hornet’s lawyer advises me not to publish a moonshine recipe here – it’s not only illegal, it’s dangerous. And The Guv’nor is keen for Hornets not to be seen as a front for an illicit still, the killjoy that he is.


So it only remains to bid you all a Happy 4th of July and leave you with a quick recipe for Lynchburg Lemonade:


1 part Jack Daniel’s

1 part triple sec

1 shot lemon juice

4 parts soda or lemonade






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