The Rolling Stones No.2

The Guv’nor writes… As everybody knows I’ve always been a Chuck Berry and a Stones man, above all the others, so happy 50th anniversary to the guys once more.


I’d like to see them talking with Beethoven and Mozart and a few of the others like Tchaikovsky, I’d love to be there!

I might just pop along to Somerset House this afternoon. They’re opening the Rolling Stones at 50 exhibition with some rare shots of the band on display.


The Man From The Hornet adds… on the topic of The Stones and Chuck Berry, here’s some wonderful footage (click the video, below) of an irascible Chuck Berry putting Keith Richards through his paces in the film Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll. No one – not even Mick Jagger – could talk to Keith like this and get away with it. Only Chuck Berry could do it. No wonder he’s The Guv’nor’s man!

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