Be Original

The Guv’nor writes…

It’s funny. Most new gents vintage clothing shops try to copy Hornets: the decor and the presentation. They never manage it. They seriously miss the point. They finish up looking like each other, which is not very original. They all look like “Urban Outfitters” with chandeliers. It’s the retro look.

Which is nothing to do with Hornets.

Anybody can sell fashion. Style is the thing.

Some also try to copy Hornets’ old friend Cassie Mercantile who supply designers with vintage clothing. Vogue called Cassie a “Fashion Legend”. With his knowledge and eye copyists don’t stand a chance.

With another old friend of Hornets, Shiela Cook the Grand Dame of ladies vintage and period clothing and antique fabrics, we have, the three of us together, over one hundred years in the business. We’ve seen them all… and most of them aren’t  very interesting

Many years ago in a workmen’s cafe in north Kensington, the Hackett guys Ashley and Gerry were telling me how they were going to fit out their shop. They’d seen mine, but were doing something different. It was great, very simple. They understood Hornets and liked it, but made their own style. I’ve seen people try to “do a Hackett” and try to “do a Hornets”, they never get it right.

If you want to make your mark, don’t copy. Be original.

That is all.

The Guv’nor.

P.S. I’ve been asked to go into a young urban look in a new shop. If I do it will be an American vintage look in a shop called “State Side” with some continental vintage as well. I have some old contacts in this area, it could be fun.

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