The Return of The Man From The Hornet

Our Man From The Hornet returns from his travels. In our picture he can be seen exploring the 3rd Century necropolis at the World Heritage Site that is The Tombs of the Kings at Paphos, Cyprus.


The Guv’nor dissects his look…


“From the eyebrows up, this man’s look is exemplary.


The shirt, however, is rather… sudden. In fact if one looks closely, the horse on the famous logo of the manufacturer is actually galloping at full tilt to get away from the radioactive plaid.


The shorts and chunky boots combo, I assume, is an attempt to add a certain vintage machismo. Alas the effect is more It Ain’t Half Hot Mum than Desert Rats.


Great hat though. It came from Hornets.


Welcome back Man From The Hornet!



That is all


The Guv’nor.”

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue


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