If You Go Down To The Walk Today You’re Sure Of A Big Surprise


The Guv’nor writes…


Bears. There are stuffed bears everywhere at Hornets: in the shops, the store rooms and basement.


I was in the back of No.4 Church Walk the other day and felt I was being watched… I looked up and on a shelf was a basket full of bears.


There is a pile of them in the new shop, the latest arrivals, and single bears all over the place.


Where do these bears come from? Charles, that’s where. Charley is an old friend of and supplier to Hornets who has taken it upon himself to rescue unwanted, distressed and discarded bears and give them a home at Hornets.


I call him the CSPB, Charles Society for the Protection of Bears. There are two that didn’t come from him who just arrived one Christmas and attached themselves to our rocking horse. There is only one girl among the bears; she has a simple linen dress and a bunch of cloth flowers. She’s really quite a tough looking girl, who can obviously look after herself, so we call her Wilhelmina Jones after Indiana.


There is a very beautiful panda and an old polar bear. All the bears have strong but different personalities, they are all stars.


So what do we do with this ever-growing crowd of bears?


I’m putting them in Hornets Hire, where all the money they make will go to children’s charities, all of it, nothing will be charged for administration.


So, films, shoots, television need a bear or bears? See Hornets and Charley’s Bears. They are all members of an Equity of public bears so are very professional.


There is another bear that is always hanging around Hornets. When you are all old enough I’ll introduce him to you.



That is all.


The Guv’nor.




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Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue


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