The Hornets Clearance Shop

The Guv’nor writes…

We’re turning number 36 Kensington Church Street into…

… our Clearance Shop. Great pieces, no doubt, good prices, certainly, on a range of pieces. There’s also a few bits form our warehouse stock, too, something a bit younger, windcheaters, rucksacks and such like. All marked down in price.


Interesting stock – always! – and fun: the stock will change all the time.


At the moment all the morning coats are in there, too – out of season, but still available, ask to see them, they’re downstairs.


Well be keeping stylish and carrying on down on Kensington Church Walk as usual – all our glorious winter stock is now available, along with some very very good shoes.

Hornets Clearance Shop is open Monday to Saturday 11.00a.m to 7.00pm and Sundays 12noon to 6.00p.m.

That is all.

The Guv’nor

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue

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