Presidential Style No.6

In this U.S Election year, The Hornet is making time to look at Presidential style…


When conversation turns to American tailoring, one name is seldom far from the top of the list.


Brooks Brothers.

In terms of Presidential style, Brooks Brothers have been at the top table since the days of Honest Abe. Lincoln, for his second inauguration, had a coat made by Brooks Brothers with a lining featuring an eagle design and the words “One Country, One Destiny”. He also wore it to the theatre. You know the rest…


Ulysses S. Grant had uniforms tailored by Brooks and FDR, Kennedy, Nixon and Ford all were Brooks Brothers customers.


At his inauguration in 2009, President Obama wore a coat, scarf and gloves all from Brooks Brothers.


Founded in 1818, Brooks is the oldest gents clothier in the USA – older, even , than some of our great names on Savile Row. Their reputation as a somewhat stolid outfitter finds famous expression when Marlon Brando’s glamorous Sky Masterson in the musical film Guys and Dolls sings of a “Brooks Brothers type” – meaning someone reliable, dull and unadventurous.


But then perhaps these qualities are desirable in the man who, after all, has the power to press the button and wipe us all out.

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