Taking Stock… and Making Stocks


The Guv’nor writes…


“Sunday sweet Sunday with nothing to do,” as the song goes… but not at Hornets. We are always busy.


Amongst the tweed, shoes, coats, etc, arriving last Sunday was this super primitive of a horse and rider to add to my collection (see pic).


In our “secret stamp sized garden” as Country Life calls it, there are often things in transit, as it were. Here with my painting are some rolls of English vintage silk Eithen has sorted out to make stocks. Yes stocks, not the Croatian/French cravats, but good old English stocks.


They are bigger than your average cravat, double sided and made by a Savile Row tailor, the proper thing. I’ll tell you a little more on them later when they are made, boxed and ready for Christmas.


On the three Sundays before Christmas we are going to have one day events, 20% off certain items, more of that later too.


That is all.

The Guv’nor.



Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue




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