Movember at Hornets

We trust that you’re still having fun fundraising for Movember – the month in which we grow our moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s heath charities.

If you missed our post last week, you can find out all the gen on Movember HERE.

In the meantime, The Man From The Hornet spent time with one of his favourite movie moustaches of all time this weekend. Here he is…

“In The Tunes of Glory (1960) Alec Guinness (above) plays acting-Colonel of the regiment Jock Sinclair, a hard-man lifelong soldier who has risen through the ranks to lead the regiment that he loves. His leadership methods are unorthodox to say the least. Into the mix comes Lt Col Basil Barrow (John Mills) a stiff, by-the-book soldier who must depose Sinclair to win the respect of the regiment. Tense, macho and brutal, The Tunes of Glory is a British classic.

Mills is wonderfully brittle as Barrow. Guinness in repose rests somewhere just below coronary. In rage he is operatic.”

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