Presidential Style: The Last Word


The votes have been counted, the election has been won and lost, and our Presidential Style series has drawn to a close. As a post-script to the series, an email arrives from Horneteer John Murphy. He has a question…


“Hi. Couldn’t help noticing that it has now become acceptable, nay de rigueur, for incumbents and candidates to appear on the presidential campaign trail in smart trousers, shirt open at neck and bomber jacket. (It was called to my attention that I left the house attired thus last Wednesday – I’m not proud of it.)


Do you know which president started this trend?


I remember Ford in a beige Brooks Brothers number, but he never won an election so why would anyone copy him? Was it Reagan trying to appear vital – along with the rouge and Grecian 2000? Clinton was charismatic enough to start a trend but surely too fat to appear in public in anything but clever tailoring. 


Anyway if the man from the Hornet has any thoughts on this I’d love to hear them.”


Thanks for the question, Mr Murphy. We’ll reply later in the week, but we’ll leave the issue “out there” for any other Horneteer who might like to add their two cent’s worth in reply.

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