Cufflinks £1200 (!)

Spotted in the Edinburgh Evening News

“A pair of cufflinks given by the Japanese Second World War head of state Emperor Hirohito to his Scottish chauffeur is to be sold at auction in the Capital next month.

The 18-carat gold chrysanthemum-styled cufflinks were given to driver Alec Irvine in 1921 by the then Crown Prince of Japan, on his historic six-month tour of the UK and Europe.

The visit, five years before the Crown Prince became Emperor in 1926, was the first time that a member of the Imperial family had ever travelled overseas. They are expected to sell for about £1200 at Bonhams, in Queen Street, on December 13…”

Bonhams website is HERE.




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One thought on “Cufflinks £1200 (!)

  1. Given the treatment Hirohito’s boys dished out to other Scot’s 20 years later I wouldn’t give you twelve pence for them. I knew a nice old chap who’d been in the Black Watch but spent most of his life as a cripple due to his treatment and torture on the Burma railroad.

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