Hat Trick – 20% Off All Hats This Sunday

To score a hat-trick is to score three goals, take three wickets, win three awards in a row.

The term was first applied to the game of cricket in 1858 – going into print for the first time in the year 1878.

The first use was to describe the feat of one H.H Stephenson, who took three wickets as a bowler for the All England XI at the Hyde Park ground in Sheffield.

And why Hat Trick? Well, the custom back then was to raise a collection for such sporting feats, and with the proceeds the hero was presented with a cap or a hat. The alternative was to allow the player to pass the hat around and trouser the cash.

The most famous hat trick in British sport is Sir Geoff Hurst’s three goals against West Germany in the World Cup final of 1966. And while we can find no evidence of his colleagues clubbing together to buy him a hat, we can tell you that he was dressed for the tournament (as was the entire World Cup squad of ’66) by Sir Hardy Amies.

And to finish: three hats…






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