Novelty Cufflinks: Tread Carefully

If one absolutely MUST go for novelty cufflinks, stick to the following pointers as compiled by The Man From The Hornet

• Genitalia. No. Never.

• David Cameron on one wrist and George Osborne on the other. (See also genitalia.)

• Avoid superhero cufflinks generally, unless the superhero is Batman.

• Steer clear of football team crests unless it’s Chelsea.

• Anything branded with 007 is a no-no.

• No Star Wars characters. Not even Stormtroopers.

• Two different cufflinks looks as daft as two different shoes or socks. The honourable exception would be Bette Davis on one wrist and Joan Crawford on the other.


We’ve added some splendid new cufflinks to Hornets Vintage the Online Shop. At a much more reasonable price, needless to say.  Click HERE to view them.

On Sunday 9th December there’s 20% off ALL CUFFLINKS at our shops here in Kensington. Click below to view our Three Days Of Christmas film for more details.

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue


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