Back By Popular Demand – The Barfly’s Traditional New Year Special!

The Champagne Cocktail

Here’s The Barfly with the perfect New Year cocktail.

(NB. The Barfly will be back first thing in the morning with the perfect Bloody Mary recipe! He’ll post the needful about 10.00a.m – just in time for when a) you will need a Bloody Mary most, and b) you will still be a little too tipsy to chicken out of actually drinking a Bloody Mary. He’s a real pal, The Barfly.)

In The Godfather Part Two, Frankie Five Angels rolls wildly through the sinister respectability of the Corleone family’s new life in Nevada, a relic from the New York Italian immigrant past. The spectre at the feast, he complains that the band has no Italian musicians; the food is small and unappetizing (“Canapes? Can o’ Peas? It’s a Ritz craker and chopped liver!”); and he certainly does NOT approve of the drinks.

“Wha’ we drinkin’?” he spits with disdain, “Wha’ we drinkin’, huh? Champagne cocktails?”

Now we’re with you all the way, Frankie, we’re all for the traditional side of things here at The Hornet… but we do have a terrible weakness for a hoity-toity, fancy pants drinkie. So we’re going to have to part company with you on the doing-down of the Champagne Cocktail.

From the elegant simplicity of its name to the gentle Jekyll and Hyde potion effect of the sugar cube reacting with the bubbles, we just can’t get enough of this one.

You will need:


1 Sugar Cube

4 dashes Angostura Bitters

Orange peel

¾ Shot cognac


Rub the sugar cube with the orange peel

Drop the cube into a champagne flute

Douse it with four drops Angostura

Immerse it in cognac (just enough to cover the cube)

Top up with champagne

Garnish with a maraschino cherry. In such a festival of a cocktail, a cherry is, of course, totally unnecessary. Unnecessary but quite beautiful. Rather like a lady’s fascinator.

Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Back By Popular Demand – The Barfly’s Traditional New Year Special!

  1. Dear Barfly

    Happy, Happy New Year !!!!

    The Champagne Cocktail has always been my absolute favourite but it has to be said that it sometimes necessary for all the maids and footmen to to have to step into the breech and cook the whole Christmas lunch after we have had a few ( a lot ) of these !!!

    The orange peel twist is a great idea : new on me ; and four drops of Angostura bitters two more than I am used to : I will go for it !!!

    I do draw however the line at the maraschino cherry !!!
    Is there still Babycham in Kensington ????

    God Bless You One and All at Hornets : and Happy New Year !!!!

    from ….

    A Happy Horneteer in Herefordshire !!!

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