Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Red shorts, white gloves and yellow moccasins with no shirt.


It’s an enduring look… but not one we’d necessarily recommend for Horneteers.


On this day in 1929, Mickey Mouse made his “talkies” debut – the first MM cartoon with sound was The Karnival Kid.


By the time of his first sound performance, the famous white gloves had been part of Mickey’s look for some three months, having made their debut in March of 1929 in a short called The Opry House.


Inside those famous gloves, Mickey has three fingers and one thumb on each hand. It is said that the labour saved by the “missing” digit – some 45,000 drawings were required for each MM cartoon – has saved Disney millions of dollars through the years.


Actor Robin Williams has another take on the finger count, alleging parsimony on behalf of the Disney corporation…


“The only reason the Mouse has three fingers is so that he can’t pick up a cheque.”



P.S. Here’s a link to The Disney Store UK DVD shop.




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