Situated on the isthmus connecting the continents of North and South America, Panama is placed perfectly as the export point for many South American goods – including the Panama hat… which in fact has its origins in Ecuador. It is thus for the port rather than its country of origin that this summer hat, made traditionally from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant (Carludovica Palmata), is named.


Famous Panama Wearers… Dashing movie star Paul Henreid sported one as Victor Lazlo in Casablanca – the hat’s lightness underpinning for us that, even though he is Bogart’s rival, he is still one of the good guys… Charlie Chan was never seen without one in the movies… and three Doctor Who’s (William Hartnell occasionally), Peter Davison (lackadaisically) and Sylvester McCoy (slavishly). And what about this pair…




Hornets New Season Panamas are in stock now. Come and see us or buy online.

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