Boys Keep Swinging

We’re just back from a second visit to the David Bowie Is… exhibition at the V&A. We HAD to double check that his Ziggy era suit really did have a 26-and-a-half inch waist.




A 26-and-a-half-inch waist!


The exhibition has already been the most successful in the history of the V&A. The music, the lyrics, the ephemera are presented both beautifully and ingeniously. But it is the duds that brought us back a second time – clothes from every episode in the great style soap opera of Bowie’s career.

We particularly enjoyed the Boys Keep Swinging video on a big screen reflected on all sides by mirrors. He looks so casual, so easy in his movements, but on close observation one can see that he never repeats a move more than once. Planned to the nth degree but looking effortless – that’s style.

Typical Bowie.

But even with a simple dark suit, there’s a twist. There’s always a twist with Bowie.

There he is at last in a simple and elegant black suit, throwing himself around like a thin Elvis… until he manages to upstage himself by appearing in drag three times as his own female backing singers. Here’s the vid…



The V&A website is here:

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue





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