Fathers’ Day – One From The Archive

Okay, so our five dads are NOT going to win any parenting awards anytime soon… but boy do they cut the sartorial mustard.


1. Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather

In the wedding scene at the top of The Godfather, the leonine, mid-period Brando fills a tux like no man before or since. His boys struggle in his sartorial shadow. Sonny looks caged in black tie; Freddo’s suit looks two sizes too big; Tom Hagen looks like an accountant. Even Michael in military uniform seems to have been playing in the dressing-up box. Don Vito, whether doing “beeznees” or dancing with his wife wears his tux with a mixture of power and grace.

2. Don Draper in Mad Men

The Mad Men protagonist may have a pathological inability to remain faithful to his wife (and that’s gonna be big family trouble in later life)… but what a look. And always be-hatted.

3. Joe Pesci in Martin Scorcese’s Casino

A little heavy on the gold jewellery for The Hornet‘s tatste, but sharp of suit and shoe both. Okay, he robs houses, shoots people, has an affair with his best friend’s wife and swears like a docker with Tourette’s… but always gets home in time to make his son’s breakfast. Besides, if he says he’s a good dad, who’s going to argue?

4. Alfie (The Michael Caine Original)

It’s probably a good thing that this nogoodnik doesn’t quite make it to the stage of doing the night feed… great suits, though.

5. Darth Vader

Black: it just never goes out.

(Be nice to your old dad this Fathers’ Day: bring him something stylish and unique from Hornets.)

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