Fathers’ Day: Why Your Dad Has Earned At Least A Pair Of Cufflinks

The Man From The Hornet writes…

He’s shouted at you, he’s harangued, he’s criticized, he’s nagged he’s just generally NIPPED YOUR HEAD for as long as you can remember…

Why the bloody hell should you buy him a Fathers’ Day present?

Because, believe it or not, he’s spent most of his time biting his tongue. Hard to take in, but true.

Being a father is like being a great blues guitar player: it’s the notes you DON’T play that count most.

Consider one particular dad as an example: Joseph, earthly father of Jesus…

St Joseph

In the entire New Testament, how often do we hear his side of the story in his own words? How many words does Joseph utter? How many lines does he get to say? The total number of his wise saws and modern instances?

Zero. None. Nada.

We none of us have the patience of a saint. My point is: the number of times that your dad DID have something adverse to say about your clothes/hair/outlook/general poor attitude is merely a tiny shirt button compared to the vast WALK-IN WARDROBE of opinions that he turned into ulcers by keeping his trap shut.

He’s not so bad, your old dad.

The least you can do is buy him a nice hat.


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