White Hat, Black Hat

The Stones were in town last week, back in Hyde Park 44 years on from their famous free concert in the aftermath of Brian Jones’s death.


We love The Stones… but they were never much of a hat band. It’s the one drawback of follicular fecundity: big hair gets in the way of a hat.


Keith Richard, however, did come up with the perfect hat-related metaphor to describe the essential difference between his band and The Beatles…


“The Beatles got the white hat, what was left… the black hat”

It’s very Keith. A cowboy movie analogy for the band they couldn’t hang.

Hear the man himself in the trailer for the Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane, below…


P.S. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Guv’nor, lifelong Stones devotee and hat wearer extraordinaire!



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