Help Us Stamp Out This Sartorial Menace

We write this with a heavy heart.

Our only consolation is that we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that the following does NOT apply to any of our beloved and stylish Horneteers.


But as we wandered around our Kensington yesterday afternoon we saw a number of sights that chilled our blood even in the 30 degree heat.


Socks.  That’s right, gentlemen: socks. Worn with… with…


(Good God! We can hardly bring ourselves to type it.)



Socks. Worn. With. Sandals.


And if it’s happening in stylish Kensington, we shudder to think about what it must be like elsewhere.


Gents, we need your help. The following graphic…



… is to be printed out and posted on the walls of your workplaces, nailed to trees in your neighbourhood and placed in the windows of your homes.


Together, we can stamp out this sartorial menace.

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