Great British Shorts Wearers

Talk, of late, has turned to shorts both here on our blog and on our Facebook page. Can they be worn in town as part of a suit? Does a man with his knees on show immediately lose our respect?


The debate, it seems, will rage on.


But in the meantime we’ve been considering Great British Shorts Wearers. Here’s our first two…


Dennis the Menace

He is, for our overseas readers, Dennis the Menace. The jumper, well, it’s a bit punk for our tastes here at The Hornet. The haircut? Dear me, no. But the shorts: simple black, unfussy, classic.


What we most envy about his look is the ability to stuff everything from marbles and catapults to frogs and great clods of earth full of worms into those pockets without once ruining the line of the garment. What’s his secret?


Soccer - Football League Division One - Blackpool Photocall


Number two is Sir Stanley Matthews (above), the first footballing Knight of the Realm. Would you look at the size of those beauties! Come to think of it, our standing in the world seems to have diminished in direct proportion to the size of our shorts. Gents, do your patriotic duty: Wear Big Shorts to Make Britain Great Again.

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