Poole Archive To Go On Show

Maharajas, Emperors and Tsars have beaten a path to Henry Poole’s door over the past 207 years. Churchill was a customer. The dinner jacket (or Tuxedo in the U.S) was invented by Poole for King Edward VII. The business is still family-run and is widely regarded as the founding father of The Row as we know it today.


Which is why we are so excited that their archive is to go on display.


An eight-month exhibition will begin soon at the Bowes Museum in County Durham.


Angus Cundy, chairman of Henry Poole & Co announced:


“The exhibition, the first of its kind, will celebrate the supremacy of men’s tailoring on Savile Row together with the finest cloth in the world, still woven in Yorkshire and Somerset.”



Poole remains a great favourite of many of our Horneteers. Indeed here’s a pic from our archive of our friend Paul in one of his Poole suits…





Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue




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