Bill Hornets writes…

Genesis. A beginning. We have so many beginnings: a new relationship, a new business enterprise. A new area of your profession, and even a new look at your parents when you’re adults. That’s a beginning. The times when we have to pick ourselves up and begin, from relationships, a failed business, we begin. That’s what makes man supreme. Beginnings. One day we will go beyond the stars to the universe, it will be a marvelous beginning. Unfortunately, I won’t be there. But maybe I will be on my final beginning, in eternity…


It was cold. So cold you could not imagine unless you had experienced it. Well below zero. He was eleven years old and dressed in rags. He hadn’t eaten for three days. The last thing he’d eaten was a frozen turnip, and it had made him sick. He was so hungry, so cold.


His family had been destroyed; his home and all the people he knew had been destroyed. A great war raged around him, that he didn’t really understand. He moved through the snow.


He came across the body of a soldier in an overcoat, he wanted that overcoat. He needed that overcoat. It was very difficult taking an overcoat off a frozen corpse. He did it.


In the blinding snow, he dug a pit and in his overcoat lay there and pulled the snow over him. He prayed to his Christian god that that night he may die and go to heaven as he slipped into a fitful sleep.



To be continued on Monday…

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