Halloween Style No.4

It’s Halloween week 2013, and The Man From The Hornet is assessing the wardrobes of the most famous monsters of them all…

Bela Lugosi

No. 4: Dracula


The opera cape is always a good look for a villain. And we have the original movie Dracula, Bela Lugosi, to thank for bringing the costume to the role.


Lugosi had originally played Dracula on stage, where the long opera cloak was employed to conceal trap doors in the stage to make the wicked Count’s disappearances more sudden and dramatic.


Spencer Tracy adopts it for his Doctor Jekyll (and, of course, Mr Hyde) in the 1941 movie…




And right here in London, the popular myth of the gentleman killer in the Jack the Ripper case is, for many, incomplete without the swirl of an opera cape in the smog. This last, persistent image, for many, functions as a metaphor: a wealthy man descending upon the poor and causing untold suffering, mirroring the real life modus operandi of many a mill and factory owner.


Christopher Lee retained look when he took over the fangs in 1958 – why spoil a winning formula?


Here’s Christopher Lee in action…




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