Vitreous Enamel

A great lover of words is The Guv’nor.

His current faves seem to be Vitreous Enamel. There he goes, marching up Kensington Church Walk exclaiming “Vitreous Enamel!” to anyone and everyone.

We thought it was perhaps some arcane superhero that we hadn’t heard of. You know, like some old radio show, Vitreous Enamel Saves the Earth and all that.

Turns out, no. (Which is a pity.) Here’s the definition…

Vitreous Enamel

And can we use it in a sentence? Why, certainly. How about this one from the sign currently in our window…

More Vitreous Enamel

Sixty lines of cufflinks – many of them vitreous enamel and many of them new to Hornets – are now available in the Kensington shops. We popped 10 pairs online this morning (see link below) and we’ll be adding new lines to the website as the week goes on.


And there’s a little cufflinks film in the pipeline, too…

Hornets Hire & Stock Catalogue



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