The Round Ball Game: 150 Years of the Football Association

Late last season, The Guv’nor became a convert to the round ball game when he made his first visit to a football match. His destination of choice was, of course, our local ground Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea.


(You can revisit his “match report” HERE.)


But there is an even more local association with association football.

As a by-the-by, it is from the word association that we get the name “soccer” – a classic, public school abbreviation/word play: Association; assoc; ‘socc-er, as in rugger from rugby.

And it is through a local school that we get our connection to the F.A.

Back in October 1863 – 150 years ago – 11 London teams and schools met to agree on a new, unified code for the game. The Football Association was born and Kensington School, situated in Kensington Square, was one of the founder members.

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