Be Careful How You Use It…

The Man From The Hornet writes…


Oh God. Bloody Christmas perfume ads on TV. Mini epics of pretentiousness and vacuity.

But Christmas is a nostalgic time, so we’ll take the opportunity to look back at how we used to sell scent. And the smell of Christmas Past would not be complete with out the aroma of Hai Karate – although aroma is a rather delicate term to apply to this blistering stuff.

The Hai Karate campaigns remain lodged in the mind of anyone over 40 as classics of political incorrectness. Their famous slogan, Be Careful How You Use It, suggested that merely opening the bottle in a room full of women would cause an immediate blizzard of knickers. It was an innocent time and it was a sinister time (to paraphrase Dickens, the man who invented Christmas).

This one is from 1969. It would be laughed out of Charlotte Street or Madison Ave today. It certainly keeps us chuckling here at The Hornet


(More Christmas ads soon…)

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