Style Management

The Guv’nor, William Hornets, writes…

Style Management

Michal our Style Management, has just opened a show of his art in Berlin.


It’s been a big success on German television and in the press, see photo. His Venice gallery presented him at the Torino arts fair, that’s an important fair, he sold very well.


He’s doing a show in Tokyo and designing an opera.


All in all, our lad is doing very well.

When he left his MA course at St Martin’s he was the top student. He is very talented, but was very lucky, having a father who supported him. Many fathers want their sons in something solid and don’t really understand the arts. I met dad – think Robert De Nero, early fifties, a big presence and very calm, we had dinner, I was very impressed. He has two factories in Poland and manufactures garments for some big names, to a level of excellence (I’ve seen his work) that is difficult to get elsewhere.

Many of you, our readers, work in or have connections with the rag trade, so here is a link to dad’s company website (click the pic below).

Remember he supports the arts, so let us support him. for his website


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