The Doctor is IN

Capaldi Doctor Who


The new look for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who has been revealed… and we heartily approve.

We’re particularly fond of the Crombie coat.


Crombie is a famous old named, founded in Aberdeen, Scotland way back in 1805.


In a nice touch, the coat has “time travelling” echoes for Mr Capaldi himself. He will well remember the skinhead subculture of the 60s and 70s, a movement that adopted the Crombie as part of its “uniform”.


So much so that, in popular culture circles, the brand-name Crombie became a catch-all term for any three-quarter-length – or “shortie” – overcoat of the period.


The practice of wearing deadly sharp sartorial names is an evolutionary hangover from the Mods, the working class pop subculture from which skinhead evolved.


In another nice touch: Doctor Martin shoes. Do we detect thuggish undertones in the new Doctor? Ooh, we DO hope so…

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