The Guv’nor Breaks A Hornets Rule…

The Guv’nor writes…


I’m about to do something I’ve never done before with Hornets.


I’m going to break a golden rule.


Hornets is an international club. So many famous people, from all over the world come here. They come for what we do. We are unique.


Fortunately I don’t recognize any of them!


I’m told that seven members of the royal family come to us. I only do first names, treat everyone the same.


I do recognize the odd pop star. Their level of fame, these days, is all-pervading and I seem to know who they are whether I want to or not!


They are, of course, all welcome at the international club that is Hornets.


I never, of course, tell anyone the names of our famous clients. If I did, they would stop coming.


There are a couple of exceptions of course. Sir Paul Smith comes in, he wouldn’t mind me saying that. In fact all the big designers call in sooner or later, many of them looking for inspiration. Ralph Lauren’s boys practically plundered the place last time!


But that’s all business. That’s different.


It’s been my golden rule to keep our customers anonymous.


Until now.


Last weekend a couple from California came in. A handsome couple. They often swing by Hornets. We chatted – as I said, I chat to everyone who comes to Hornets. Talk turned to business, and he said. “I’m a singer. And a songwriter.”


“What do you write and sing?” I asked.


“Romantic ballads,” he replied.


“Oh,” I said, “I’d like those.”


At which point his wife took out her iPhone and played me one of his songs.


It was beautiful. Mind-blowingly beautiful.


Which is the reason why I wish to share his identity with you here.


We chatted about music. My stars, the artists I respect most, are the Chuck Berry, Elvis and Johnny Cash.


The singer-songwriter agreed. “I have a photo of Johnny Cash,” he said, “on the wall of my studio at home. Signed by the man himself. It’s one of my prized possessions.”


He talked of his songwriting and as he did, I realised that the reason why I didn’t recognize him is that he’s not a celebrity – celebrities are ten-a-penny. This man is an artist.


His name is Chris Isaak. And if, like me, you’d had the misfortune to have never heard his music, here it is…





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