Cartoon Toppers

When the makers of the board game Monopoly put their famous playing pieces to a public vote last year – asking which of the old pieces should be scrapped and offering a choice of new, replacement pieces – the poor old iron garnered only 8% of the vote. It was replaced by a pussycat.

And thus, sadly, the world’s favourite board game abandoned a connection with the rag trade.


The top hat, however, was never in any danger of losing its place at the table. Even in the 21st Century, the topper reads as a symbol of affluence.


A detail seized upon to great comic effect by the creator of the Dave Snooty & His Pals cartoon strip for Private Eye…


Dave Snooty


The Private Eye strip is an homage to The Beano’s Lord Snooty and His Chums, drawn by the legendary Dudley D. Watkins, a great personal hero of The Man From The Hornet…


Lord Snooty

You can subscribe to Private Eye HERE.

You can catch up with our very own cartoon strip Titfer Tales HERE and HERE.


And you can acquire your very own symbol of affluence and style from 36b Kensington Church Street at our dedicated Ascot Shop – new top hats £49. Click HERE for our special Ascot Opening Hours.




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